The Best Mobile Payment solution is one which happens instantly

PurplePay is a mobile app that welcomes you to a world of convenience for both local and international transactions with 24/7 access to a wide variety of transaction types directly from your mobile phone wherever you are.

Global Payments at your Fingertips

Send money from Nigeria to America, Europe and even China from the convenience of your mobile phone anytime, anyday.


PurplePay Dollar cards

Enjoy the ease of withdrawing your cash on any automated teller machine (ATM) anywhere in the world with the best conversion rates.

You can do so much with PurplePay

  • receipt use for home

    Bill Payments

    Pay your electricity bills, your cable subscription and much more.

  • transfer use for home

    Peer to Peer Transfer

    Send and receive money from friends and families on purplepay for free.

  • rewards use for homepage

    Referral Rewards

    Earn cash rewards by referring friends and families to Purplepay.

  • vendor

    Vendor Payments

    Make payments for goods and services by scanning vendor QR codes at checkout points in any verified Purplepay vendor outlet.


Need more reasons to come on board?

  • Multicurrency wallet to send and receive money anytime,anyday.

  • Virtual accounts for Nigerian users to send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria.

  • You don't have to put your needs on hold. Take care of your needs anytime while waiting for payday by taking advantage of our loan features.

Come enjoy the easy life with us